Conveyancing Solicitor

We offer a fast and cost-effective service in all types of Conveyancing matters. Whether you are buying or selling property, Hayat  & Co. can help in making your purchase or sale as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

We offer very competitive fees in both freehold and leasehold matters (please see Our Fees* page).

What happens in a conveyancing transaction (e.g. sale transaction)

Once a sale price for the property has been agreed, you will need to instruct a solicitor. The buyer should have a Mortgage Offer in writing which help will speed the sale up.

The solicitor for both the buyer will begin to investigate the property. The seller’s solicitors will send a “HIPS” which will provide the buyer with important information on the property. The buyer’s solicitor will then raise pre-contract enquiries.

The next step is for Exchange of Contracts. At this stage, the buyer and seller become legally bound to the contract of sale. Usually a Deposit of 10 % of the purchase price is required from the buyer at the time of exchange. However, the amount of deposit is negotiable between the buyer and the seller. A date for completion will also be set at this stage.

On Completion, the property will change hands from the seller to the buyer. The buyer will release the funds to the seller’s solicitor and in return, the buyer will then be given the keys to the property.

The final stage is Post-Completion which is where the new buyer has his details registered as being the owner of the property.
It takes on average 4-8 weeks to complete a conveyancing transaction but some transactions can be done quicker although some may take longer.