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Hayat & Co. was established in 1998 with the intention and desire to provide all members and sections of the public with accurate and helpful legal advice to help safeguard, preserve and protect any and all individual rights.

At Hayat & Co. we endeavour to ensure that,at all times, clients receive good, accurate and as a result specialist legal advice on which they can confidently rely, together with the added assurance that the solicitor handling their case is fully and properly aware of their surrounding circumstances before giving any type of advice. Hayat & Co. also ensure that, at all times, they have the client’s best interests in mind when providing any type of advice or assistance, a prerequisite in its view in establishing and maintaining a confidential and trustworthy relationship.

Hayat & Co. offers each and every client an absolute commitment and a promise to deal with their case with the utmost level of professionalism, integrity, skill and care, as should be reasonably expected from a  professional representative entrusted with their important or critical affair.

We at Hayat & Co. are genuinely aware and fully appreciate the need to provide clients with affordable yet highly skilled legal services.  Our ethos is to view a client’s matter  with as much importance as it is or would be to them. Fees have and will always remain  a secondary consideration in Hayat & Co’s effort when representing clients in its pursuit of achieving or ensuring   due process, fairness and justice.

At Hayat & Co. you can be assured that we will do our utmost to ensure your legal needs are properly met with the appropriate skill, care and understanding that both you and your case deserve.

The principal solicitor at Hayat & Co. is Mr Amar Hayat who has over 15 years  specialist experience in various areas of law but predominately and extensively  Human Rights, Immigration & British Nationality Law, from the point of obtaining initial instructions to challenging cases before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Since its inception Hayat & Co. has been considered by many,  in particular numerous charitable organisations including the Refugee Council and  their unaccompanied vulnerable minors department, Migrant Helpline, countless Church, homeless, domestic abuse organisations, and  of note by various departments of the Immigration Service, as being a  professional and highly diligent firm. As a result, all of these organisations have on countless occasions over many years referred and directed   clients especially those considered most vulnerable or destitute for good, prompt and effective legal advice.  and where necessary immediate or emergency representation before the Courts.

We at Hayat & Co. are of the view and belief that we have over the years enjoyed unparalleled success based on an impressive and near perfect success rate in the field of Human Rights and Immigration law. This is we believe based on our genuine concern particularly for those most vulnerable and in  need of due process and justice.  As a consequence, we are highly recommended by both former and existing clients, and it is this that  forms the core of our referral base.

Hayat & Co.’s unrelenting efforts and vigilance within Human Rights and Immigration Law has both directly and indirectly resulted in  changes and improvements to occur. Hayat & Co. has and often will accept instructions in the most challenging and complex of cases which most other prominent legal firms, as is well known by us on countless occasions, to refuse to undertake, and in almost all instances we were successful in those cases.

Hayat & Co.’s primary concern, in conjunction with its  underlying and overwhelming desire lies in its endless effort to see the law develop in a fair and progressive way for all. Human Rights and Immigration law and procedures have evolved and progressed considerably since 1998. Some would argue that it was prior to 2000 an area of law and practice in which general policy and the correct implementation of rules was largely neglected and ignored. Around this time, many practitioners , as  well documented,  often sought financial gain over the lack of  regulatory monitoring over and above the need to treat clients ethically and correctly. Regrettably, such failings were identified  far too late and not before countless individuals, who  often and in some cases still remain unaware, suffered  poor levels of service and in many cases  catastrophic and irreversible consequences. It is these  individuals who  Hayat & Co. keenly seeks to identify and represent. Many such individuals still do not properly or fully appreciate that they may have innocently suffered. Hayat & Co. encourage individuals not to hesitate in seeking an opinion or an assessment knowing that all matters are and will remain confidential.  Please however note that for various reasons Hayat & Co. are very  selective about the cases they undertake,  with a view to achieving an appropriate outcome wherever possible, an approach that has so far  worked out satisfactory.

You can be assured that by instructing Hayat & Co. you will obtain highly skilled legal advice and assistance and at highly competitive or low rates. As well as our usual rates, we can offer fixed fees for standard type applications. We also offer an initial consultations starting from as low as £50.00 depending on our initial assessment, with no further obligation. Clients who are cooperative, regardless of any issues, will often find their fees are considerably lower than compared to what they would have expected to pay.

Hayat and Co. have extensive experience in  almost every conceivable type of Human Rights, Immigration, Asylum and Nationality case including at all levels of court proceedings  from First-Tier Tribunals to the European Court of Human Rights. We have acted in countless novel and important legal cases. We are able to and have represented clients from around the world and have access to professional interpreters in any language.

For example, we can assist with:

  • Work permits and business applications

  • Applications for entry clearance visas for your wife/husband/dependent relative/fiancee/friend/worker to join you in the UK or they may just be intending to come to the UK as a visitor or student.

  • Relationship and marriage applications

  • Students

  • Citizenship and nationality

  • Asylum and human rights applications

  • Complex extradition and national security deportation matters and contesting the imposition of control orders

  • Appeals - all types of appeals ranging from entry clearance refusals and to Home Office refusals within the UK. We can deal with your matter from beginning to end and our in-house solicitors will represent you in Court.

  • EEA Family Permits – Visit our EEA Family Permit Application page for more information

  • Judicial Reviews – Visit our judicial review page for more information

  • Discretionary Leave to Remain – Visit our discretionary leave to remain page for more information

  • Deportation & Removal Solicitors – We can assist clients by avoiding their deportation and getting them bail.  Visit our deportation page for more information

We have an international reputation based on considerable and extensive experience in representing those seeking good Immigration advice.

To discuss any aspect of our service or to obtain a quote for your case:

Telephone: Mr Hayat directly on 0208 360 4485

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*Free initial consultation is subject to terms & conditions and will be limited to our gaining an understanding to the background of your case and assessing whether in our opinion there may or may not be any options available to you. We will not provide any general or specific advice which we consider you might seek to rely on as this could in our opinion attach legal liability upon which we cannot offer free advice. Please contact us for further details.