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Apply for an EEA family permit

You can apply for an EEA family permit to accompany your family or partner to the UK (or join them after they’ve arrived) if:

  • the person you will be accompanying or joining is from the European Economic Area (EEA) but not the UK

  • you are from outside the EEA

You can apply as either:

  • the wife, husband, civil or unmarried partner, child, grandchild, parent or grandparent of the person you will be joining in the UK

  • a dependent extended family member – eg unmarried partner, brother, sister or cousin

You can also apply for an EEA family permit if you are the main carer of:

  • a British citizen

  • a financially self-sufficient child who is an EEA national

  • a child of an EEA national who was a worker in the UK

You should apply for a visa to join your family member instead if your family member is a British citizen (unless you’re their carer).

You do not need to apply if you hold a valid residence card or permanent residence card issued in the UK.

How long it lasts

An EEA family permit is valid for six months. You can leave and enter the UK as many times as you need within that time.

You can stay for longer than 6 months if you’re related to an EEA national as their:

  • spouse or civil partner

  • child or grandchild, or their spouse or civil partner’s child or grandchild, and under 21 years old

  • dependent child or grandchild, or their spouse or civil partner’s child or grandchild, and over 21 years old

  • dependent parent or grandparent, or their spouse or civil partner’s parent or grandparent

Your EEA family member must be working, a jobseeker, self-employed, studying, self-sufficient or have a permanent right of residence.

You must apply for a UK residence card or leave the UK after your EEA family permit ends if you’re related to your sponsor in any other way.

What you can and cannot do

You can only use a family permit once.

You will need to get a new permit every time you leave and want to re-enter the country.

You must get your permit before traveling to the UK.

Appealing an EEA Refusal

Hayat & Co. Solicitors specialise in appealing refused EEA applications. If your application for a Family Permit is refused, you may have the right to appeal against this decision. You may be given reasons for refusal letter together with the relevant appeal forms. If this appeal is successful, you Family Permit will be granted, if it is not, you may be given the right to appeal before an immigration judge at the Immigration and Asylum chamber (IAC) First Tier Tribunal.

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